Offroadbanan en

The off road track

The track is 436 meter long and extremely fast. The official race direction is counter clockwise. Most of the track consist of hard packed clay but cement slabs and artificial turf also occurs. The track is primary deigned with 1:8 offroad in mind but all car types are welcome. The lap times is in the region of 40-45 seconds and the lap record 38.531s (40.9km/h in average speed) was set by David Ronnefalk from Karlskrona MRK during the Swedish Championship 2015. During that race all jumps were covered with carpets which was replaced with the artificial turf 2016 due to wear. This increased the laptimes with about two seconds.

The track is delimited with white drainage pipes which is painted red alternately in the corners. The track has three timing loops, two of them right after the quad jump before the straight and one right after the corner with cement slabs. The first loop after the quad jump is the official timing loop and the second is used as backup at major events. The third loop which is located about half the track distance may be used to get intermediate times. Start of races and finals can be done with traffic lights and sound.





Detail drawing of the tracks.