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2014 Tomas Karlsson from MK Eskil and Svein Harald Ytternes from Norway took the initiative to Nordic Vintage Challenge (NVC). The vision is to present one or two vintage races per year to those who is intressted in older RC cars so that they will have a chance to compete seriously.

Until present date six NVC races have been arranged. Five at MK Eskil raceway and one race at Hvervenbukta in Oslo. Rules and regulations have been developed with help of many participants to make the races as fair and equal as possible among all drivers.

NVC is raced in five different classes. 2WD, 2WD Classic, 4WD, 4WD Classic and Plastic Fantastic. The Plastic Fantastic class aims towards relaxed and fun racing and is probably the perfect beginner class since it will be very budget friendly. In this class you can choose from several models from a slightly more modern Tamiya chassi but with the old appearance, these cars are still possible to buy new.

NVC#7 take place 1-2 April 2017.

Location: MK Eskil Race Way, Gillbergavägen 1, 632 28 Eskilstuna
Date: 2017-03-31 – 2017-04-02

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Starting lists, heat lists, time schedule, online-results and more

Final instruction NVC #7

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Below are some useful information if you are intressted in participation in the NVC.

A page with a lot of useful information about NVC, created by Svein Harald Ytternes:

Rules: NVC rules

Which cars can be used in each class? Check this out: Approved cars

Read more about NVC at (A forum where help and inspiration are available): Nostalgic forum on RSB (Swedish)

And finally, our facebook pages:

Discussions: Discussions on facebook

The official NVC page: Nordic Vintage Challenge on facebook


See you at the race track, wishes from Tomas, Svein Harald and MK Eskil