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Opening hours

Tuesdays and Thursdays 18.00-21.00
Sundays 10.00-18.00

MK Eskil Raceway at Gillbergavägen 1 is closed over the summer as we race outdoor at the Gröndal circuit. The facility may be opened for practice at request if time permits.


ADULT 40:- 80:-
YOUTH 20:- 60:-

ADULT 80:- 140:-
YOUTH 40:- 100:-

We accept credit cards, cash and swish.

Track host 2018

Opening hours are subject to change due to races or other activities. Occasionally we open for extra practise, sometimes by request to the current track host or the MK Eskil board. Information will be published on facebook.

One week before a race on the outdoor tracks, the track in question will be closed for all practice. The other track will be open for practice as usual, except during the race.

28 Robert Hillman Gröndal
29 Ronny/Eddie Nordenwall Gröndal
30 Magnus Hedlund Gröndal. Only Sunday.
31 Lasse Petterson Gröndal
32 Kai Virkkala Gröndal. Offroad track closed at Sunday because of maintenance.
33 Wolfgang Kienzle Gröndal. Offroad track closed because of race.
34 Tomas Arwefjäll Gröndal. Onroad track closed at Sunday because of maintenance.
35 Robert Jonsson Gröndal. Onroad track closed because of race.
36 Malte Törnstrand Gröndal
37 Patric Henriksson Gröndal
38 Tomas Karlsson Gillberga. NVC #10.
39 Patric Henriksson Gillberga
40 Tomas Karlsson Gillberga
41 Tommy Broman Gillberga
42 Robert Hillman Gillberga
43 Kai Virkkala Gillberga
44 Wolfgang Kienzle Gillberga
45 Ronny/Eddie Nordenwall Gillberga
46 Tomas Arwefjäll Gillberga
47 Robert Jonsson Gillberga
48 Malte Törnstrand Gillberga
49 Patric Henriksson Gillberga
50 Tommy Broman Gillberga