NM/EM Warm Up 1:8/1:10 IC Track 2016 en

Brilliant fuel

  • MK Eskil have 25 rooms reserved at Bolinder Munktel Hotel during the NC/Warm Up. We also have 15 rooms reserved at Best Western Hotel. Klick on the hotel link below or in the top meny for more information.
  • If you want to book a campingsite at MK Eskils track camping you can do this at the camping and cabins link below or in the main menu.
  • 1:10 Electric touring will be run as a support class to the Nordic Championship, register for the event here
  • Contact RC Racing Tyres has been appointed the official tire supplier. Tyres will be for sale at the track site for 10.50€/set, please email the amount of tires you need to tavlingssamordnare@mkeskil.se
  • The tires from Contact is not mandatory at the NC/EC Warm Up, the choice of tires is free.
  • Brilliant RC Fuel has been appointed the official fuel supplier. Fuel will be available at the track site for 33€/5LBränsle , please email the amount of fuel you need to tavlingssamordnare@mkeskil.se.
  • The track will be held open for practice the entire race week May 23-29, with exception for May 26 between 15:00-18:00.

Final instruction in PDF format
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The on-road track
Eskilstuna motorsport arena
Camping and cabins
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